Portugal-Israel co-production agreement approved

The agreement on film co-production between the government of the Portuguese Republic and the government of the State of Israel was formally published today in the Portuguese Official Gazette.
The main objectives of this agreement are to develop film production and encourage further development of the cultural and technological ties between the two countries and to benefit the film industries of their respective countries and contribute to the economic growth of the film, television, video and new media production and distribution industries in Israel and in Portugal.

In the terms of the agreement the respective contributions of the producers of the two countries may vary from 20% to 80% for each co-production film and the co-producers are required to make an effective technical and creative contribution, proportional to their financial investment in the co-production film.

The agreement remains in force for a period of five years, automatically extendable for additional periods of five years each.

Please see the terms of the agreement here. (English version at page 6)