From February 5 to 12, Porto hosts IndieJúnior Allianz —1st International Children’s and Youth Film Festival of Porto. There will be animated films, documentaries and thematic sessions. Come and discover the world of IndieJúnior.
The first IndieJúnior Allianz starts next Sunday and continues until February 12. In this event, there will be a wide selection of movies, workshops, storytime and a debate about bullying. All activities taking place at this Festival are dedicated to children, families and schools and will take place at the Rivoli Theatre, the Almeida Garrett Municipal Library and the Cinema Trindade.
During these days, you will also be able to discover the work of two filmmakers, with a section dedicated to great classics about childhood and adolescence and a section called "O meu primeiro filme” (My first movie).

There is also a competitive part in this Festival. In this first edition, there are three juries: one made up of young people from 16 to 18 years old who will be responsible for giving the DoctorGummy award for Best Film, another jury of professionals in the field of cinema that will give two awards: Long Film Grand Award and Short Film Grand Award. And lastly, there will also be the Public: it will be a Jury and will give the award of the Trina Public.

You can see the programming of these eight days of the IndieJunior Allianz Festival or follow all the news on Facebook.