Board of Directors

ICA’s board of directors is composed of a president and a vice president.

President: Luís Chaby Vaz
Vice President: Anick Bilreiro

It is the board of directors’ responsibility to:

a) Oversee the policies, programmes, actions and measures carried out by ICA, I. P., and to propose changes thereto, as well as to propose pilot actions and new initiatives within the scope of the attributions of ICA, I. P.;

b) Promote the conclusion and implementation of co-operation, co-production, co-distribution or other agreements aimed at the promotion and development of cinematographic and audiovisual art in both its cultural and economic dimensions;

c) Authorise the granting of financial support and other incentives within the scope of ICA, I. P., attributions within the legal limits;

d) Ensure relationships with national and international organisations and institutions with a similar purpose in conjunction with the Office of Strategy, Planning and Cultural Assessment (Gabinete de Estratégia, Planeamento e Avaliação Culturais - GEPAC);

e) Propose the participation of ICA, I. P., in commercial companies, investment and guarantee funds, as well as to manage the respective participations;

f) Deliberate on the counterparts to be established within the scope of partnerships established between ICA, I. P., and other entities, according to the law.